Default ACL in Tezos v10.1

TL;DR: Configure the tezos-node RPC port with --rpc-addr localhost:8732 rather than (or in addition to, if providing remote RPC access) --rpc-addr :8732 Default ACL for RPC The v10.1 release of the Octez software adds a new default ACL for RPC feature, and the way it works is subtle. If the listening address resolves to the loopback network interface, then full access to all endpoints is granted If the listening address is a network address, then a more restrictive policy applies.

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Building Tezos 8.0

Building and running Tezos version 8.0 on an Ubuntu 18.04 system was a bit more complicated than usual. Here is a build procedure that works. Install rust Follow the directions at This only needs to be done once on any given build machine. Get the version 8.0 code Assuming one already has the ‘latest-release’ branch checked out, just do the usual git pull Start the build as usual make build-deps This will work for a while and then fail with a message about “fatal: unknown value for config ‘protocol.

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COVID-19 Info

Here are some sources I’ve found useful and which seem reliable. 91-divoc Trajectory of cases, by state Rt Covid-19 Interactive visualization from John Hopkins data Worldometer: global Worldometer: US Johns Hopkins map Financial Times tracker (incorporates some of the above) COVID-19 projections The Peter Attia Drive Postcast (The CDC seems to have stopped incorporating state data into its totals starting about March 16, so I don’t find their data useful.

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Web Sign-In

Yesterday I got web sign in working with this site. With that I’m able to login to via, which is currently the only supported web-sign-in method for the sites that I’ve connected with (per the links on the page footer here). I’ve also got this site connected to which I think will collect and store any cases where other similar sites might link to pages on this site.

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This site is an experiment using the IndieWeb approach to posting web content and connecting with other similar sites. I’m building the site with Hugo, and with that the Indigo theme that is designed to support IndieWeb.

Building Tezos on Ubuntu 14.04

Install opam and ocaml utilities. At this time this results in opam version 1.2.2 and ocaml 4.02.3. add-apt-repository ppa:avsm/ppa apt-get update apt-get install ocaml ocaml-native-compilers camlp4-extra opam Add repo needed for libsodium-dev (at least) that the Tezos installation scripts will install. add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php apt-get update Switch to Ocaml 4.03.0. [update: using 4.04.2 on 2017/09/05] opam init opam switch 4.03.0 eval `opam config env` Clone the tezos source repo to /opt/tezos.

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Virtue via intelligence

The evils of the world are due to moral defects quite as much as to lack of intelligence. But the human race has not hitherto discovered any method of eradicating moral defects; preaching and exhortation only add hypocrisy to the previous list of vices. Intelligence, on the contrary, is easily improved by methods known to every competent educator. Therefore, until some method of teaching virtue has been discovered, progress will have to be sought by improvement of intelligence rather than of morals.

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The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos – 99U

The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos – 99U.

How to Get Yourself to Do Things

You finish a thing by starting it until it’s done via How to Get Yourself to Do Things.

Costs of Financial Innovation

In “Golden Eggs and Hyperbolic Discounting”, the author argues that the liquidity brought by modern finance is not a good thing. By enabling the consumer to instantaneously borrow against illiquid assets, financial innovation eliminates the possibility for partial commitment. This has two effects on the welfare of the current self. First, the current self no longer faces a self-imposed liquidity constraint and can therefore consume more in its period of control.

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