COVID-19 Info

Here are some sources I’ve found useful and which seem reliable. 91-divoc Trajectory of cases, by state Rt Covid-19 Interactive visualization from John Hopkins data Worldometer: global Worldometer: US Johns Hopkins map Financial Times tracker (incorporates some of the above) COVID-19 projections The Peter Attia Drive Postcast (The CDC seems to have stopped incorporating state data into its totals starting about March 16, so I don’t find their data useful.

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Web Sign-In

Yesterday I got web sign in working with this site. With that I’m able to login to via, which is currently the only supported web-sign-in method for the sites that I’ve connected with (per the links on the page footer here). I’ve also got this site connected to which I think will collect and store any cases where other similar sites might link to pages on this site.

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This site is an experiment using the IndieWeb approach to posting web content and connecting with other similar sites. I’m building the site with Hugo, and with that the Indigo theme that is designed to support IndieWeb.

Fred C Yankowski

Batavia, U.S.A.
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Developing applications for edtech and blockchain in Go, Python, Elm, and PHP